CILSS Network

Our mission is to deliver superior returns on invested capital not only to our own shareholders but also - through active partnerships - to the management and shareholders of the companies we invest in.

Criteria - Transactions

     Partnerships between the CILSS Network and its portfolio companies are based on mutual trust and respect. In addition, our decision to invest depends on our assessment of the:

Investment Size / Type of Transaction:

1 to 5M:

Early-stage investment in companies with a proven prototype, positive customer references, or a unique service concept.

3 to 10M:

Growth financing for international expansion in Europe for companies with a track record, national customer base and revenues.

3 to 10M:

Transatlantic (Europe in / Europe out) transactions in which European companies expand their operations to the USA or Israel and vice versa.

5 to 25M:

Later-stage pre-IPO (Initial Public Offering) and MBO (Management Buy-Out) financing for more mature technology companies.

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